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Advocacy & Inclusion in Disability Services

Time limit: 90 days

Spots remaining: 10

$225 Enroll

Full program description

  • Courses Included in the Program:
    • Civil Rights and Advocacy
      • Your Role in Effective Advocacy
      • History of the Disability Rights Movement
      • Disability Rights and Legislation
      • Challenges and Strategies for Exercising Rights
    • Community Inclusion
      • Community Bridge Building and Networking and Natural Supports
      • Natural Supports
      • The DSP Role in Community Inclusion
      • Matching Community Resources and Individual Interests
  • Total Contact Hours: 8.9
  • Total CEUs: 0.8
  • Learning Outcomes: This bundle arms learners with historical context, legal frameworks, and practical advocacy strategies, essential for upholding the rights and promoting the inclusion of individuals with disabilities. It's aimed at equipping professionals with the tools to navigate and dismantle systemic barriers and foster supportive, inclusive communities.
  • Who Would Benefit: Disability advocates, social workers, legal professionals, and DSPs who aim to effect change at the systemic level and work towards a more inclusive society.
  • Why the Bundle Makes Sense: The combination of understanding rights and practicing inclusion is key to effective advocacy. With this bundle, learners can apply their advocacy in tangible ways to support community integration.