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EDGE-Intermediate Excel is a Course

EDGE-Intermediate Excel

Mar 2, 2024 - Mar 2, 2024

Spots remaining: 8

$75 Enroll

Full course description

Intermediate Excel Saturday, 3/2/24, 9 am-2:45 pm, Sawyer – 523

You MUST have completed the Beginner Excel Workshop with Professor Mee on 1/27/2024 or in the Fall 2023 semester (9/16/2023) to participate in this Intermediate workshop.

Join Professor Billy Mee from the ISOM department in the Intermediate Excel workshop—an opportunity to delve into advanced techniques for using data to help make more informed business decisions. This workshop serves as an excellent progression for beginners eager to elevate their Excel skills to the next level and begin to leverage the power of Excel more effectively to analyze data. Learning intermediate Excel skills is increasingly crucial for individuals across roles and industries because data is part of daily work life. Without these skills, job progression will be stalled. Intermediate Excel skills enable students and professionals to tackle complex organizational tasks, analyze data more effectively, and stand out in a competitive market.

An Intermediate Excel virtual badge will be issued to you from the Center of Continuing & Professional Education upon completion of the workshop.

Topics covered in Intermediate Excel:

-Conditional formatting and processing techniques

-Advanced functions: financial, statistical

-Spell check

-Understanding relative and absolute cell references

-Copying formulas with relative, & absolute cell references

-Planning, creating & designing a chart

-Editing and formatting a chart: moving, resizing, enhancing

-Annotating and drawing a chart

-Exporting a chart to Word and PPT

-Previewing and printing a chart

-Applying colors, patterns, and borders

-Formatting values

-Using fonts and font sizes

-Changing attributes and alignments

-Adjusting column widths

-Inserting and deleting rows and columns

-Copying and moving cell entries