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Leadership: Building and Leading Resilient Teams

Aug 19, 2024 - Oct 6, 2024

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Full course description

Learn to build and lead teams that thrive in the face of challenges with our Resilient Teams program. Through interactive learning and practical application, you'll discover how to foster a culture of resilience, collaboration, and innovation. This program is your key to developing high-performing teams ready to tackle any obstacle and drive success. 

Module Descriptions: 

  • Creating a Positive Climate: Techniques for establishing a supportive team environment that encourages resilience and adaptability. 

  • Boosting Teamwork and Cohesion: Develop skills in fostering teamwork and cohesion to enhance team performance under pressure. 

  • Purpose-Driven Leadership: Strategies for inspiring team motivation and commitment through purposeful leadership and clear goal-setting. 

  • Problem-Solving and Learning: Equip teams with the tools to solve problems collaboratively, focusing on learning from challenges to improve future performance. 

  • Organizational Learning for Change: Insights into creating a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, preparing teams and organizations for future challenges.