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Ethics in Business is a Course

Ethics in Business

Jul 15, 2024 - Sep 8, 2024

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Full course description

Navigate the complex landscape of modern ethics with our Ethical Principles program. Designed for professionals aiming to lead with integrity, this course explores ethical theories and their application in business. Engage with real-world dilemmas, enhancing your decision-making and leadership with a strong ethical foundation. Become the ethical leader the business world needs today. 

Module Descriptions: 

  • Foundations of Ethical Thinking: Introduction to ethical theories and their relevance in business decision-making. 

  • Utilitarianism and Business Ethics: Examining the application of utilitarian principles in business contexts. 

  • Deontological Ethics in Practice: Understanding duty-based ethics and its implications for professional conduct. 

  • Virtue Ethics and Leadership: Exploring the role of character and virtue in ethical business leadership. 

  • Navigating Business Ethics: Practical strategies for ethical decision-making and resolving dilemmas in the workplace.