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Design Thinking: Applying Discovery and Innovation in Practice

Sep 16, 2024 - Nov 10, 2024

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Course Dates: September 16th, 2024 - November 10th, 2024

Registration Deadline: September 13th, 2024

Why are some organizations more innovative than others? How can we tap into, empower, and leverage innovation within our organization for future success? In this course, you will learn how organizations are using principles of design thinking and biomimicry to create entirely new ways of meeting the challenges of modern business to meet consumer and business needs, reduce costs, increase revenue, and minimize waste and energy use. Conceptual and practical concepts will be combined with experiential learning opportunities to build creative problem solving skills.

At its root, this course is about teaching you to think and act differently for the purpose of identifying unique business opportunities and providing highly valuable solutions to the challenges faced by your customers.

* Meets LIT course requirements.